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Airprint Fix for IOS5

I know this isn't an electrical issue but this has been a massive help for me, a working fix for air print. 

This has worked on both my windows 7 64bit laptop and windows XP 32bit desk top.

The zip file is here

Credit for the work should go to these people and instructions for setting up can be found here

Please spread the word.

LED Lighting

During recent years LED lighting has come a long way, possibly the largest step has been the massive reduction in cost, depending on use and light levels required the savings made in your electricity bill by changing to LED lighting could pay for the work and materials in under 12 months.  

That said LED is not always the best choice for all so for a free no obligation quote please contact us using the information or form on the contact page. 

BS 7671 17th edition

These are the electrical regulations, made law in 2008 with the implementation of Part P of the building regulations. This change in the way that domestic electrical works was intended to do 1 thing, keep you the home owner safe!

Now only fully qualified people who have been fully checked by our governing body can carry out work in your home.

Please call or email for more information.

Electrical Heating

At Harrison Electrical we can provide a cost effective solution to match the needs of our customers.  We prefer to use Dimplex heaters due to their stylish design and 2 year manufacturer warranty, because of this we are happy to offer a full parts and labour warranty on all heating systems we install.